Turn the air conditioner off or run it during the day?



Everyone is worried about the cost of utilities, especially in the extreme heat of an Okanagan summer.  So should you turn that air conditioner off during the day or should you leave it running?

Some people feel that leaving the air conditioner running all day is somehow better for the system or more efficient over the long run.  Others feel that leaving the air conditioner ‘blasting’ all day is a waste of energy.

The truth is that the most efficient way to run your air conditioning system is with a programmable thermostat and having it programmed to suit the needs of your household.  In the sweltering heat of an Okanagan summer, it can take many hours for an air conditioner to remove the heat and humidity from a very warm home.  A programmable thermostat can be set to run at a more moderate temperature during the day, but also ensure the system is running and the house is cool by the time you return home from a long day at work or play.

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