Pool Heater Services Near Kelowna, BC

Pool Heater Services

Your pool heater is responsible for regulating the temperature of the water in your pool, scheduling routine services will help from costly breakdowns and keeping your pool a comfortable temperature year round. Pool heaters both electric or gas are measured in BTU’s or (British Thermal Unit) to maintain the temperature and having the correct sized pool heater and keeping this equipment maintained is crucial to keep your pool temperature consistent.

Pool Heater Install

There are many things that need to be considered when replacing your current pool heater. Installing a new pool heater will require the skill of a trained technician who will be able to install your new pool heater both safely and correctly. Deciding on the correct sized pool heater is critical to your pools ability to change temperatures quickly; and our expert technicians will provide insight on what new pool heater is right for you!

Pool Heater Repair

If you are experiencing a pool heater that is not turning on, making unexpected noises or is no longer operating like it used to it may be time to repair the unit. A malfunctioning pool heater can be a serious safety hazard and calling a trained professional will be needed to resolve the problem. Having your pool heater repaired is going to be cheaper than purchasing new equipment, can extend the life of the heater, can help prevent future issues and provide reliable performance from your pool heater.

Pool Heater Maintenance

Your pool heater should be maintained at a minimum once a year but can benefit greatly from bi-yearly maintenance checks. During these maintenance checks the technicians will thoroughly inspect your pools equipment, check to see if components need cleaning and lubricate equipment as needed. Pool heaters can last between five to ten years on average and these maintenance check ups are crucial for the heath of your equipment.

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