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We thought this was pretty amazing and had to share.

We have been fortunate over the last year to have received some cruise and vacation vouchers from one of our manufacturers to give away to customers purchasing qualifying equipment…

Well time has flown by and we have had some of our great customers share their experiences with us.

Richard Ingelbeen sent us some pictures of their trip and wrote:

A couple months ago I was presented a Cruise Voucher from Comfort Tech. I have been a customer of theirs for 10+ years. They come out every spring to check my air conditioner, and every fall to check my furnace. In 2017 they replaced our air conditioner, and last year they replaced our furnace. After the installation of the furnace was complete we were notified from Comfort Tech that we’d be receiving a Cruise Voucher for 2. When we heard about the offer we couldn’t believe it. We have been on a few cruises before and always had a pleasant time. On April 6th of this year, we took a Carnival Cruise from Miami to Grand Turks, Aruba, and the Dominican Republic. With so many great ports we knew this was going to be an eventful cruise. As we departed from Miami we got nestled into our balcony room. The view from our room was breathtaking. We spent a few hours in our room watching the water. When we arrived to each port we got off the ship and did our own tour. We visited local markets, gift shops, and landmarks throughout the cities and collected some souvenirs along the way. We had a great experience and we want to thank Comfort Tech for this amazing incentive.

Anthony Dodds writes:

Couple months ago, our furnace had to be replaced. So, we found Comfort Tech since they are local, and we had heard great things about them. Once their sales person came over to our home and we talked about price and different furnaces that we could choose from, he also told us he had a promo from one of their manufactures and we are eligible for a Condo Vacation Voucher. It made our decision a lot easier since we have a lot of vacation time left. The Comfort Tech people came in and replaced our furnace and gave us a great warranty as well. We are very happy with Comfort Tech. Thank you.

Silvana DeFeo wrote:

Couple months ago, I realized that before Summer comes along, I needed to replace my Air Conditioner unit. So, I reached out to Comfort Tech, I had seen their adverting. Once, the salesperson came over and hashed out pricing, time frame and the specific A/C unit that I wanted. He told me that the manufacturer was offering a Condo travel Voucher for anyone who signs up within that week and he only had two left. That prompted me to sign me immediately and have the work started. I have the Condo travel Voucher and planning to make a trip to Mexico to see family. I cannot wait for my trip to happen

Wendy & Edwin Rush also shared photos and their experience with us and wrote:

Recently my husband and I took a cruise that we received from Comfort Tech. We were given the voucher as an incentive for having our air conditioner replaced by them. We took a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Western Caribbean as we wanted to see the Bahamas. The full day Royal Caribbean shore excursion in St. Thomas was excellent and fully met our expectations. When in Nassau we did a bus tour where we visited the top landmarks around the city. In St. Martin we did an airplane excursion that was the highlight of the trip. It was such a beautiful sight to see this masterpiece from thousands of feet in the air. One thing we were very happy to see when we boarded our cruise was how nice the public areas were. They were very clean and comparable to what we seen from their website. Our balcony room was something that you see out of the movies. It was surprisingly spacious and had a lot of area to move around. The balcony was definitely our go-to place in the morning when we wanted to get some quiet time. The food on the ship was very good and we especially enjoyed the Italian cuisines. The staff at the restaurant was phenomenal and helped make every meal one to remember. Royal Caribbean really helped make us feel right at home and with it being our first cruise we weren’t sure what to expect. After our cruise we have already started talking about where we will cruise to next.

Tom Anderson wrote:

A couple weeks ago we had Comfort Tech come out to our home to inspect our furnace and air conditioner. We have been a long-time service customer of theirs, which is why we called them. He inspected our units and recommended we have them replaced. We agreed and also decided to have the hot water tank replaced at the same time. The salesman also talked us into going with the upgraded HVAC system as it came with a Cruise Voucher for 2. Although we didn’t end up using the voucher ourselves, we give it to our neighbor who takes cruises quite often. Comfort Tech is a solid company and their customer service is second to none. Based on our experience we would recommend them.

Hugh Smith wrote:

For the past 5 years, we have been using Comfort Tech for repairs on our HVAC systems. This time when I called them for repair, they told me I need to retire our Air Conditioner and replace it. I started complaining to our sales person that this expense will eat up our vacation funds for the summer; at that point he mentioned that their manufacturer is offering a promotion of Cruise Vacation Voucher and we are eligible. This made up our mind quickly to replace our A/C. I have been retired for the last 14 years and my wife is retiring the end of June, then we will be utilizing this fabulous gift of a Cruise Vacation Voucher from Comfort Tech.

Last but not least, Cory MacDonald wrote:

About a month ago, we realized we had to replace our furnace and water heater tank. We started researching online to see who we could hire to do the job. We found Comfort Tech on our google search, they had a lot of great reviews and we were very impressed with them from the beginning. Once the sales person came over to our home, he went over prices and the different options they have. One of the options was a specific furnace and water heater that came with a Travel Voucher from the manufacturer. My wife and I needed a vacation, so why not take this option and have our cake and eat it too. We got a great deal plus we got a Cruise Vacation Voucher as well. Comfort Tech was more amazing that we thought was possible. They came in and finished the job and even the sales person came over my work and handed me the Cruise Voucher. This is a top-notch service with 5-stars.

It’s so satisfying seeing and hearing about all of these. Thank you to everybody who wrote and to all our wonderful customers!

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