When should you replace your hot water tank?

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Look, we know there is nothing fun or exciting about replacing your old hot water tank.  We totally get it!  But replacing your tank on an emergency basis is definitely not fun – and as you know emergencies never happen when it’s convenient.

Here are some typical reasons people replace their hot water tanks:

Water is leaking from the tank:  This is the most common way people discover the tank needs replacing.

Water is not as hot as it should be:  There could be corrosion on the heating mechanism, making it necessary for you to turn up the thermostat to get enough hot water.

Reduced pressure when you turn on the hot water.

Your insurance company has increased your rates:  Some insurance companies are checking the age of hot water tanks when policies are renewed.  They know better than anyone that once a tank has passed its life expectancy, the odds are pretty good that it will corrode or leak sooner than later. A leaking or ruptured tank can cause significant water damage to a home.

You like the idea of being more energy efficient:  According to FortisBC’s website, if you have a storage tank that is more than 10 years old, its probably only between 50 and 55 percent efficient.  Today you have a lot more options, both inefficiency and water heater type.

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