About Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling 

About Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling:

When Comfort Tech Heating and Cooling was conceived – even before the name was chosen – there was a foundation of core values that we knew were going to be the basis of our company.  These values are integral to our operations, guiding us, and acting as a moral compass in our everyday activities.

We Are A Different Kind Of Company

When Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling was founded we knew we wanted to set a higher standard.  This standard was not intended just for our industry, but to be an example to all service industries here in the Okanagan Valley. We wanted to lead by example, and show what can be achieved by a little company with a big heart.

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Why Choose Comfort Tech Heating


“Do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all.”

We strive to offer excellence in everything we do.  We will not sacrifice the quality of our products in order to deliver a lower price.  And we recognize that the best products in the world are only as good as the way they are installed.  We never cut corners to cut costs – we will turn down work before we lower our standards.


We are committed to treating every customer the way we would treat our own family members.  “What would you do if it was your grandmother?”  This seemingly simple question gives complete clarity to our intentions and empowers our technicians to build meaningful relationships with all of our customers.

We are responsible for extending the same kind of treatment to our technicians and support staff.  We operate in an environment of trust and mutual respect – the result of which is developing employees with a sense of responsibility, accountability, and a tremendous capacity to embrace the core values as their own.


We will maintain high ethical standards, and act with honesty and integrity in our daily interactions with our customers and our employees.  Our intention is not just to meet but to exceed their expectations, and our measure of success will always be our customers’ and employees’ desire to associate with and recommend us.

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